Tue 2 Jul 2024 — 2 min

Trans Safety Network have sent a letter to NHS England demanding that they properly consult with the daring and desperate trans youth who have been compelled to scale the front of their offices in London. At the time of writing these young people have been on the side of the building for 3 days subsisting off supplies provided them by supporters passing by.

Dear NHS England,

We were moved when we heard that young trans people have scaled the front of your offices in Wellington House to speak out against the shutting out of their voices from CYP trans healthcare. We have been concerned for a long time now about the growing problems faced by CYP accessing gender related care under the NHS.

Despite the repeal of Bell v Tavistock you have nevertheless functionally shut down most routes to gender affirming medical interventions. Despite the immediate and still mounting damning expert critiques of the Cass Report, the NHS continues to suppress young trans people’s desires for their own futures and instead push “exploratory” approaches, training new gender dysphoria professionals using materials designed by educators who have recommended hate groups and conversion therapy pushers to psychiatrist trainees working with children.

We call on NHS England to talk to TransKidsDeserveBetter and to consult with other members of the affected patient cohort, to cease threatening families supporting trans children with safeguarding referrals, and to reinitiate a patient-centred approach rather than the ideological agenda of anti-trans activists who appear to have infiltrated NHS gender care policy processes.


Trans Safety Network