Sun 2 Oct 2022 (updated: Mon 3 Oct 2022 , 01:15 ) — 4 min

As conspiracy theories about the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service spiral, including unevidenced beliefs that there are “thousands” of parents waiting to sue Tavistock and Portman Trust for gender dysphoria related care, several prominent anti-trans activists and therapists — many with connections to anti-trans campaigning organisation Genspect — have appeared in a film produced by David Icke’s streaming service. David Icke is notorious as conspiracy fantasist and antisemite.

Heather Brunskell-Evans tweets: Many of us worked hard to reverse the damage to children by Tavistock and Portman trust and expose how organizations such as Gendered Intelligence (devoid of medical and scientific expertise) captured NHS UK. Some of our voices are in this film.

Appearing in the film are:

This is of course, not the first time that anti-trans campaigners on the issue of psychotherapy have been involved in extreme fringe conspiracy networks. In October 2020, Stephanie Davies-Arai appeared on conspiracy theory platform BrandNewTube for Sonia Poulton’s show “The Raw Report”. Title cards for the episode that Davies-Arai appeared on featured explicitly antisemitic imagery, with a burning star of David advertising fellow BNT presenter Albert Bishai’s show where he rails against supposed Jewish global control and “satanic” influences. Poulton’s other work ranges across “Satanic Ritual Abuse”, skepticism around vaccines and coronavirus, and other common narratives among the wider conspiracy sphere.

Screenshot of the intro credits to Sonia Poulton's 2020 show where she advertises extreme antisemite Albert Bishai's "Satanic Matrix"

More widely, concern about antisemites exploiting growing acceptance of transphobic narratives as cover has been steadily growing, with criticism from concerned voices rising around the world. Antisemitic blood libel tropes have been implicated in terrorist threats targetted at childrens hospitals over trans healthcare provision recently in America.