Thu 3 Feb 2022 — 2 min

The Times has issued its third major correction on a story about transgender issues since the start of 2022.1 This has come about after the CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis faced a torrent of abuse and intimidation (including some anti-trans activists publishing part of her home address) leading to her deleting her Twitter account, following the original claims being published. The Times has now removed the original article.

The correction from The Times [1]
The correction from The Times [1]

The article was shared by a number of leading “gender critical” figures including Julie Bindel and Joanna Cherry. As of the day of this article's publication (03/02/22) they have not publicly acknowledged this correction and their initial tweets sharing the (now removed) article are still up.2

In addition, articles, such as this from Spiked Online3, and these from the Telegraph4 remain up and without any correction or acknowledgement that The Times has now deleted the original article due to it not happening.

It remains unclear how the original article was published without any checks that its contents were factual and how many people this correction will reach.