Wed 14 Jun 2023 — 13 min

Graphic showing the logos of organisations who have signed the letter

We are trans organisations, disabled people's organisations, academics, human rights defenders and professionals in related fields. We condemn in the strongest terms all attempts to undermine the bodily autonomy and medical choices of disabled people.

A recent legal action by the parent of an adult autistic trans person is seeking to block an elective procedure the autistic adult has consented to. The proposed judicial review runs contrary to the most basic principles of disabled people's rights in healthcare. In particular, it goes against the first and third principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which state that a person should never be assumed to lack capacity simply because they are disabled (principle one) or because they are making a choice another person feels is unwise (principle three).

We note with concern that Paul Conrathe, the solicitor representing the parent in this case, is a conservative religious activist who has previously represented a man seeking an injunction to prevent his ex-girlfriend from terminating a pregnancy and was involved in the now overturned Bell v Tavistock judgement, which sought to limit young trans people's access to treatment. This was in direct opposition to the legal principle of Gillick competency, which also allows young people to access contraception without their parents being informed.

If the proposed judicial review goes ahead, it could seriously undermine the principle of disabled adults being assumed to have capacity to make decisions about their care until proven otherwise. It could also limit disabled trans and gender diverse people’s access to transition care.

Beyond the legal issues, we believe that bodily autonomy is a basic human right which nobody should be denied on the basis of disability or gender. Autistic adults have a fundamental right to make decisions about their own healthcare, regardless of the opinions or prejudices of their parents.


(Accepting new signatures until the 21st June 2023)


Trans Safety Network

Action for Trans Health Durham

AMASE (Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh)

Anti*Capitalist Resistance

Autistic and Living the Dream

Autistic Nottingham

Be North

Bristol Leading Against Transphobia

Cardiff Dragons FC

Chronic Sex

Clearview Counselling & Psychotherapy


Communication Workers Union, United Tech and Allied Workers Branch

Communities for Holistic Accessible and Rights based Mental health (CHARM)

Cotgrove Counselling

DAN the Disabled People's Direct Action Network

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

Scottish Disabled Greens

Glitter Cymru

Global Butterflies

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

Hands Off Trans Rights UK

House of Rainbow

Hull Pledge

Labour for Trans Rights

LGBT Foundation



Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Manchester DPAC

National Survivor User Network

The National LGBT Partnership

Non-Binary Leeds

Norwich Trans Pride

Nottingham Against Transphobia

Phoenix Trans Darlington

Queer Manifesto for Wales

Rainbow Greens, Scottish Green Party

Recovery In The Bin

Scottish Trans

SPAF Collective



Stand Up Sisters

Support Transgenre Strasbourg

The Mermakery

Trans Aid Cymru

Trans Legal Project

Trans Liberation Front Bristol

Trans Media Watch

Trans Pride Manchester

Trans Pride South-West



Transgender Action Block


The TRUK Group (Trans Radio UK, TRUK Listens, and TRUK United FC)

University of Exeter Feminist Society

University of Exeter LGBTQ+ Society

University of Exeter LGBTQ+ Staff Network

We Are Explorers

What The Trans


A-A Summers, Digital Artist & Poet

A.E Jennings

Aaron Mills, Autistic Adult

Abbie Gorlov-Webster

Abby Harrison

Abs Stannard Ashley, PhD candidate and Teacher, University of Bristol

Adam Duff

Adam Preston, LGBT Foundation

Adele Jones, Autistic person

Aintzane Perez Masache

Al Smith

Alex Ashman, Doctor

Alex Cavazos

Alex D

Alex Healey

Alex Southgate, Research Associate

Alice K

Alice Lyford

Alice Nuttall, Writer

Alison Gaughan, Autistic person, socialist feminist and educator

Alison Phipps, Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University

Alison Thorpe, Counsellor

Alison, Advocate

Allison Ewing

Alyson MacKay

Amanda Hughes

Amelia Hansford, Journalist

Andre Wood, Transgender person

Andrew Cole

Andy Bateman, Counsellor, Lecturer in Counselling

Ange Harker, Queer deaf neurodivergent; trans ally.

Angeline B. Adams, autistic lived experience consultant (healthcare and research)

Ann Alamu, Student

Anna Palmer, Counsellor at Anna Palmer Counselling. St Andrews.

Anne-Marie Martin, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

April Smith

Ash Shaikh, Student

Ashley Hankins

Ashley Hatt

Atlas, Member of Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh

Avery Tischer

Baylee Sowter-Halling

Beatrice Hughes, Senior Art Psychotherapist

Becki Clitsome, Therapist

Ben M. Davies, Independent Filmmaker with Autism

Berni Kotelko, N/A

Bernice Elaine Roust, An autistic trans woman

Bodhrán Mullan, Actor, writer, autistic educator

Bridget Holtom

Bronia Korabinska, Teacher


C.S. Neptune

Caitlin Cunningham

Caitlin Jones, Filmmaker

Caoimhe Donnelly

Carla Stevens

Carly Miller

Carmel Smith

Carole Millard

Cassian Lodge, nonbinary and autistic, runs Gender Census

Cat Burton, Chair, GIRES

Cath Booth, Organising committee member, Pride in Whalley Range, Manchester

Cath Nichols

Celia Birtwistle, Human Being

Cha-Yoel Korn, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, LGBTQIA+ and HIV/ Hepatitis Activist & Ally

Chantal Clark

Charlene Jones

Charles Parry

Charli Clement, Autistic Activist & Lived Experience Consultant

Chelsea Kearin

Cheryl Morgan

Chloe Amy Edmondson, Trans woman

Chloe Juden

Chloe Lydon-Griffin, Union rep

Chloe Nichols

Chris Browne

Chris Connor

Chris Fielding, LGBT+ and Disabled Youth Worker

Chris Hilliard

Chris Oxborrow, Neurodivergent Psychotherapist, Beyond Counselling

Chris Ross

Christine Gow

Christopher Cassidy

Christopher Payne

Ciara McCarthy, Disability Activist

Claire Ashton

Claire Dunlop, Academic

Clara Jones

Clara Wright

Clare Sainsbury, Autistic person and author

Cormac Kelly, Trade Unionist

Councillor Chris Northwood, Deputy Group Leader, Manchester Liberal Democrats

Daira Emma Hopwood, Cryptographer, activist, and autistic trans woman

Daisy J Taylor

Daisy Long, Director, ex-social worker

Danica Taylor

Daniel B

Daniel Hayes

David Chan

David Webster, PhD Candidate, University of St Andrews

Davie Raaphorst, Autistic trans person, full-time carer of autistic children

Dayna Craig

De Patterson

Debra Wald

Del Wood, Social Care Professional

Delphine Farley

Diane Redhead, Transwoman with autistic son

Diane Rumenapp

Dion Georgiou, Senior Lecturer in Modern History and Politics, University of Chichester

Dionne Dyer


Dr Adi Kuntsman Researcher

Dr Amanda Keeling, Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds

Dr Daryl Hodge, Trans & autistic academic, University of Liverpool

Dr Emma Sheppard, Lecturer in Sociology, Coventry University

Dr Harvey Humphrey, Researcher, Universities of Strathclyde and Northumbria & Queer Disability Studies Network

Dr Hil Aked

Dr Liz James, Autistic, Transgender Woman

Dr Ria Cheyne, Senior Lecturer in Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University

Dr Ruth Knight, Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Ruth Pearce, Lecturer in Community Development, University of Glasgow

Dr Sally Morgan, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Tilly Alton, Researcher, Lancaster University

Dr Tobias Atkinson, Associate Lecturer, Lancaster University

Dr Tom Bowers, NHS Doctor

E Furber, Social worker, Approved Mental Health Professional, Best Interests Assessor

E Shaw

Ed Jones

Eden Ladley, National Union of Students LGBT+/Trans Officer (2018-2020)

Edward Grantham, Fraud Analyst

Eiri Uesugi

Eirnin Jefford Franks

Eleanor Curran, Transgender Youth Activist

Eli Harris, Queer Network Coordinator

Elicia Boulton, Counselling Psychologist

Elijah Smith

Elizabeth Fraser, Autistic Adult

Ella Trudgeon


Elliot Fortune, Senior Data Analyst

Elliot Kwabena Akosa

Em Rabantheng

Emily Cynthia, Nightingale Activist

Emily Dove, Support Worker

Emma Day

Emma Hardie, Autistic person

Emma McLaren

Emma New, NHS Psychiatrist

Emma Wolfe

Erica Thomas

Erin Strong

F Clarke, Transgender adult

Faye Johnson

Finn Copper

Fiona Robertson, Disability Justice Activist

Flavio Matani

Fleur Perry

Forest Parkinson Mearns

Fran Amery, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath

Frances Coppola, Economist, author and blogger, Coppola Comment

Francesca Zerva, Key Worker, Rushton Futures

Francis Stanganelli

Frankie Markland

Friday Clout

Geoff Ryan, Mental Health Nurse (retired)

Georgina F

Glen D, Autistic and Disabled Adult

Grace Hart

Hannah Lisney

Hannah Walker

Hannah-Phoebe Bowen, Counsellor mBACP

Haydn Antoniw, Citizen

Heather Elizabeth Reynolds, LGBTQ+ and Trans woman

Heather Hooper, Disability Activist, DPAC

Helen Dale

Helen Stubbs, Supporter

Helen Studer

Hilary Rosser, Retired midwife

Hilde van den Brink

Inbar Tamari, Teacher

Ioana Cerasella Chis, Doctoral researcher, University of Birmingham

Ion Whelan

Isaac Stywarde, Autistic Adult and Transgender Man

Isabella Hayes, Social worker

Isabelle Schoelcher

Ittai Welby

Izzy Jarvis, College Librarian, City College, Norwich

J Bee, Registered Mental Health Nurse

J Zhu

Jack Lydon

Jack Newbold

Jack Sergeant, Freelance Visual Development Artist, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design

Jacqueline Haselden, Trans Woman

Jacqueline Turner

Jamei-Jade McGregor-Coope, Neurodivergent Trans Woman

James Dunn, autistic trans man

James Le Cuirot, Father of an autistic girl

Jamie Heckelman, Account Manager, Microsoft

Jamie Jenner, Social Work Student

Jane Connor

Jane Cullen

Jay Murray

Jaz Sakura-Rose, Activist and Researcher

Jazz Roberts

Jen F

Jen Senger, Trans Ally

Jenni Thompson

Jennifer Dean, trans woman and activist

Jennifer Snow, Counsellor working with neurodivergent adults, Jennifer Snow Counselling

Jensen Harbron

Jess O'Thomson, Disabled Trans Legal Researcher

Jess Pumphrey

Jessica Gardner

Jo Adell, Autistic adult

Jo Rowan, neurodivergent counsellor/therapist

Joanne Doyle, Software engineer and queer parent

Joanne Hawkes

Jocelyn Price

John Adam Lindley

John Lippmann

John Solomon

John Williams, PhD

Jokina Richardson

Josephine Sirotkin, Doctoral Researcher, Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds

Jude Bentley

Jude FireSong, trans, disabled, neurodivergent artist, poet, and writer

Julia Binger

Julia Georgiou, General Secretary NHBCSA and LGBT+ Committee member

Julie Kubelec

Juliet Birkbeck, Counsellor, Spiritual Director

Juliet Davie, Pharmacy Dispenser

Juliet Rudman, PhD Candidate, University of Leeds

Kai Carver, Neurodiversity Specialist, Responding to Autism

Kal Bedford

Kaleb Dutton

Kara Bridgeman

Karen Gill

Karl Mortimer

Kate Joester

Kate M, Mother of a trans woman

Katharine Huey

Kathryn Thompson, LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group Lead

Katy Walker

Katy Williams

Kay Bingham, Individual/Therapist

Kay Whitehurst

Kaz Self, Trans pride organiser and runs mental health charity

KD Smith, Third Sector Development Consultant

Keira James

Kieron Thomson-Turnage

Kim Roberts

Kimberly Barber, Filmmaker

Kit Dunnage Curtis

Kyle Crompton, Support Worker (For Disabled Adults)

L Brown

L Wilkins

Lara Poulter-Ward

Lauge Thomsen

Lauren Gilbert

Lauren Kirby, Organiser, Bristol Crossroads Transgender Support Group

Leanne Collier-Wilson, Neurodivergent Queer

Leigh Cooke

Leo George

Leona Skene, Freelance editor

Lili Hornyai, TNBI Care Coordinator, WellBN

Lily Marden

Lisa Rüll, Study Support Tutor (Disability), University of Nottingham

Lisa Severn

Liv Huett

Liz Walsh, Ally

Liz Yeates, Volunteer coordinator

Louis M

Louise Stretch

Luan Morris

Lucy Barnes

Lyndsey Moon, Psychologist

Lyra Harte, Disabled autistic trans woman.

M George, Audhd disabled queer adult, partner & parent of autistic/adhd queer trans person

M Mehta

Madeleine Ayling, Counsellor

Mara Fojas, Parent and advocate

Marie Wilson Smyth, Mother of trans daughter

Marion Dawson, Electronic Notetaker for Disabled People, queer and neurodivergent person

Mark Findlay

Marlee Berckmans

Martha Goddard

Martina Johnson

Mary-Ellen, Gay, Disabled, retired NHS Nurse and staunch ally of Trans & other LGBTQIA+ people, DPAC

Matt Najmowicz

Matthew Brown

Matthew Moore

Matthew Saunderson

Matthew Smith

Matyas Kinde, Principal Software Engineer and ally

Maxine McCarthy

Maz Michael, Accredited Therapist

Melissa Stoney

Meredith Bentley

Merry Mushka, Independent Trans Educator & University Visiting Tutor

Mia Cassey

Micah Neilson

Michelle Martin

Mike Johnson, Community organiser & UTAW Rep

Misty Schmidt

Morgan Di Lieto

Munzar Sharif, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London

N S Lucas, Transmasc person

Namaa Al-Mahdi

Naomi Bardsley, Disabled Person

Naomi Meneghini-Relf

Nariese Whyte, Convener of the Disabled Greens, a fellow Autistic Trans Disabled Adult standing in solidarity.

Nazan Linet

Neil Currie

Neil Rhodes

Nicholas Dunn

Nicola Anne Beck

Nicola Hodson

Nicola O'Riordan

Nicola Wheeler

Nicole Collingwood

Noah Charters-Rousseau

November Choles

Nyika Suttie, Student Culture and Inclusion Training Officer

O Cole

Olivia Taylor

Onni Gust, Associate Professor of History, University of Nottingham

Owen Blacker, Autistic man and human rights defender

Parker Longmore

Paul Crofts, Individual

Paul Munday, Parent


Paula Peters, Disability Rights Activist & Trade Unionist

Peter Corbett, Autistic Adult

Peter Greenwood

Philip Inglesant

Phoebe Smith

Piers Beckley

Polly Atkin, Writer

Polly Llwynfedwen

Professor Jana Funke, Associate Professor, University of Exeter



Rachel Beck

Rachel Charlton-Dailey, Journalist and activist

Rachel Reese, Director

Rachel Walters

Rebecca Benson

Rebecca Cavanagh

Rebecca Hills

Rebecca Pillinger

Regina Lautwein

Reid Manson

Renée Dawn Hazlet

Rhiannon Blake, Disabled activist

Rhiannon Olivaw

Ria Patel, Councillor

Richard Lawley

Robert Chapman, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

Robin Skyer, Doctoral Researcher, University of Southampton

Robyn Collis

Roland Rance

Rosie H

Roslynn Azzam, Registered Social Worker

Ross Higman

Ross Higman

Rowan Fortune

Ruairidh MacLean

Ruth Barrett-Thoburn

Ruth Holliday, Professor of Gender and Culture, University of Leeds

Ruth Walshe, Community Engagement Worker

Ryan McLeod, Community Development Worker

S Loosmore

Sage Ellis

Sally Outen

Sam Feeney, Counsellor/therapist and trans man

Sam O'Thomson

Samantha Blyth, Foster Carer


Samuel Hall, GP, WellBN

Samuel Harvey


Sandra Wyman, Womens Officer

Sandy Fosh

Sara Westrop

Sarah Barrett

Sarah Boon

Sarah Browning

Sarah Costello

Sarah D

Sarah Jones

Sarah Lewin-Rose

Sarah W

Sarah Walton

Sariel Arjona

Savan Gandecha

Scarlett Wilkie

Selene Rafaela Kapsaski, Filmmaker, Après Vague Productions

Seonaid Ashford

Serena Gallagher

Sharon Goldstein

Shivakaran Sivanathan, Unite member and amputee

Sian Bedford

Sindy Wood, Parent of transgender person

Siobhán Cannon-Brownlie, Disabled Lecturer & Theatre Maker

Skye Laing

Skyler Avery

Sophie Black, Parent

Sophie Mattholie, Trustee, The LUNA Project

Sophie Waters

Stacey Duke

Stefan Liberadzki

Stephanie Gregory, Medical professional and trans ally

Stephanie Keyes

Stuart Gore, Lecturer

Sue McPhail, Singing teacher

Susan Francis

Susan Francis

Susan Martyn, Diamonds

Susan Pashkoff

Susanna Hartland

Susi Mae Waters

Susie O'Connor

Sylwia Kolasinska

Tabitha Fuster-Burnett, PhD Student, University of Leeds

Taejah McKnight

Tanya Stocker

Taylor Ellwick

Terra Shea

Thalia Tamari

Thaniel Walker

Theo Parker, Autistic person

Theodora Rosenberg, Author

Theresa Dewa

Thomas Gibbs

Thomas Venhuizen

Tiffany Knight-Hughes, Member, Unite the Union

Tim Campbell

Torran Turner

Trevor Clarke

Tyler Jenkins

Tyler Jones


Vanessa Whitfield, Program Manager, Microsoft

Will Epps

Will Jeffery

Winter Hart

Yoma Winder

Zack Gray, PhD candidate

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