Mon 15 Aug 2022 — 3 min

Multiple reports have emerged in trans support groups of people being contacted by the Charing Cross GIC, and told that they will be removed from the waiting list unless they fill out a form within 72 hours. The form is one they filled out when they were first referred. The protocol appears to be two phone calls and then an email, but some people have reported receiving no calls, or the phone ringing for only a few seconds before the caller hangs up. This appears to be affecting people referred in 2018.

“I got the email from NHS GIC (old Charing Cross) saying fill out this form (that you’ve already filled out) and if you don’t fill it out within 72 hours they’ll discharge you.”

“I was referred in August of 2018 got a welcome pack/forms to fill in which I did back in 2019. This morning I missed a call from them (they rang for 4/5 seconds). I then went to ring them back when I got an email (pic in comment) they claim they’ve tried to ring me twice which they haven’t. When I called back I said I missed a call from you and right before I went to say that I’d got an email the woman on the phone sighed and said what’s your name. So I gave her my name and date of birth and then she said someone will call you back because our systems are down and hung up. Due to being given 72 hours or I’ll be discharged I don’t know if I should fill the form in again and add a note to state I did this form in July 2019 or if I should call back tomorrow if they don’t call back today. I’m really stressed as I’ve been waiting 4 years now and still haven’t got anywhere.” - quotes reproduced with authors’ permission from a private support group

It is deeply concerning that the GIC are setting such a tight timeframe for responses,

We are concerned that people who have been on a waiting list for four years will be kicked off because they were at work during the calls or don’t check their emails that often. The Charing Cross waiting list is notoriously long. According to their website, in May 2022 they saw 50 people for a first appointment, while there are 11,407 people on the waiting list. If they continue to see patients at the same rate, the people at the back of the waiting list will be seen in around 19 years. In this context, we are concerned that the GIC may be attempting to reduce their waiting list by removing trans people who are in need of care and have waited for at least four years.

TSN reached out to Charing Cross GIC for comment.

If you’re on the Charing Cross waiting list and have missed calls from them, it might be sensible to get in contact to check they haven’t removed you.